My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

Join me as I chat about my top 3 favourite Tombow USA products of all time!

My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

Hello Friends!

I’m back today but with something a little bit different. Today I am sharing my top three favourite Tombow USA products! As you all know by know, I LOVE Tombow USA and I love each one of their products. Given any opportunity to snag a new product, I will be there! I love their products for hand lettering and crafting projects. Below you will find my top three favourite Tombow USA products and why I love them so much.

# 1: Tombow Dual Brush Pens

The Tombow dual brush pen is without a doubt my most favourite Tombow USA product. The vibrant colours, the versatility of the product and the quality are unmatched. In my collection, I own the 96 set plus the 12 new colours they recently introduced last year. I can’t get enough of these!

I love them because they are multifunctional. They have a brush and bullet tip for a variety of crafting projects. Add water to the ink and you instantly have watercolour. They can used for brush lettering, watercolour designs, watercolour letting, drawing, doodling and even colouring. The options are endless with this marker.

My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

These are the colours included in the newest Tombow USA VIP box.

My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

The 96 set of Tombow dual brush pens in a desk stand organizer.

#2: Tombow Mono Drawing Pens

I love to outline things! My lettering, watercolour, designs, drawings – it will get outlined. That’s how I discovered my love for the Tombow mono drawing pens. They come in three different sizes which I absolutely love (size 01, 03, 05). According to the finish I am looking for, I can choose the appropriate size.

I love these pens because they are high quality.  The Tombow mono drawing pens never dry, the black ink is dark and every line is always smooth. My favourite size to use is 05! These pens are also great for doodling, writing and faux calligraphy.

My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

The Tombow mono pens in three different sizes.

#3: Tombow Mono Eraser

I know you may be thinking, ‘Really, an eraser is one of your top 3 favourite Tombow USA products…” Hear me out – a good quality, white eraser that will not leave smudges and will get the job done is very hard to come by. I’ve tried many brands but no brand comes close to the quality, durability and performance of this little white eraser, the Tombow mono eraser.

I absolutely love this eraser because it easily removes pencil marks with no hard pressure. While doing so, it also doesn’t damage the paper. You know those other brand erasers where you keep erasing and before you know it, your paper is damaged? Yup, we’ve all been there. The Tombow mono eraser will keep your paper wrinkle and damaged free. I will gladly accept these little bundles of joy anytime!

My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

Top eraser: My newest Tombow mono eraser. Bottom eraser: My first Tombow mono eraser that is too small to use now.

There is a summary of my top 3 favourite Tombow USA products! I absolutely love their products as the quality is unmatched. I also love the versatility of the products as well.

If you use any of these products in a craft project, I would love to see what you come up with. Tag me in your creations!

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What are your favourite Tombow USA products?


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5 thoughts on “My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

  1. amychrisdiy says:

    Yes! I have to agree – Tombow Dual-Tips are the BOMB! They’re so versatile and convenient 🙂 But I absolutely have to try out those Tombow drawing pens :0


    • letteringbyusha says:

      Tombow dual brush pens are just the best! You have to try the Tombow Mono drawing pens – they are so good! You really can’t go wrong with Tombow!

      Liked by 1 person

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