How to Draw Watermelon Art

Here’s the best cheat sheet for recreating watermelon art!


Hello Friends!

Today I am sharing another exciting tutorial! I recently purchased the Tombow 1500 series coloured pencils and could not contain my excitement! I knew that my next tutorial would be about these beautiful coloured pencils. With the timing of the year, I thought that sharing something summer related would be perfect. Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to draw watermelon art. To me, watermelons represent everything about summer! Read on to see how you can recreate watermelon art.


  • Canson Mixed Media Paper
  • Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil
  • Tombow Mono Eraser
  • Tombow 1500 Series Coloured Pencils, 36 set
  • Tombow Mono Drawing Pen (I used size 03)


Step 1: Pick Your Colours

Looking through the Tombow 1500 Series coloured pencil set, choose the colours that you think will best represent your watermelon. I find that it is helpful to do some swatches, side by side, to see which colours will work best. I choose Rose Red, Red, Green and Leaf Green for my colours.


Step 2: Draw Watermelons

Using the Tombow Mono drawing pencil, draw watermelons across a page of Canson Mixed Media Paper. I drew watermelon slices ensuring to include the seeds and rind.


Step 3: Add Reds

Take the Rose Red colour and start colouring in your watermelon slice. I used Red to colour along the outer edges of the watermelon closest to the rind.


Step 4: Add Greens

Next, take Green and colour in the rind/skin of your watermelon. I used Leaf Green to add a layer to the outer most portion of the rind.


Step 5: Add Seeds and Outline

Finish off by colouring in the watermelon seeds with your Tombow Mono drawing pen. This part really brings the watermelon slice to life. As a last finish piece, I outlined each watermelon with the mono drawing pen.


Step 6: Letter

Of course any project of mine is not complete without lettering! Using the Tombow mono drawing pen, I hand lettered the phrase ‘You are one in a melon’! Isn’t it perfect for this watermelon art piece?



That’s it! I hope you try this tutorial on how to draw watermelon art. I would love to share in your excitement for all things summer!

If you try this project, I would love to see what you come up with. Tag me in your creations! I am interested to see what types of watermelon art you create.

Be sure to follow me on the blog and on Instagram (@letteringbyusha) to stay tuned to all of my lettering, crafting and personal adventures!

What other things represent summer for you?


Life Updates

  • If you haven’t already, you should check out my interview with A Quarter Young blog! I talk about my lettering journey.
  • I am so sad that Game of Thrones is over..but I am excited to read the books!
  • I am busy making all kinds of wedding signs for my sister’s wedding. Be sure to check out the progress on my Instagram.

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