Faux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar Banner

Faux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar Banner

Here’s my free guide on how to make faux chalkboard banner signs that are minimal in costs!

Faux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar Banner

Hello Friends!

Today I am back with another blog tutorial! My sister is getting married this summer and that means there are some lettering projects to be done! The first of the wedding festivies is the bridal shower. For decor I will be creating all of the banners in a faux chalkboard style, which is what I will be sharing today. Specifically I will be sharing a tutorial on how to create a fan chalkboard mimosa bar banner. You can use these steps to create any type of banner. Read on to see how!


  • Black Paper (cardstock is good)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • White pencil (or use a white pencil crayon)
  • Crayola White Chalk
  • Sharpie White Paint Pen (Water based)
  • Hole puncher
  • String

Faux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar Banner


  • Use good quality black card stock. Card stock is durable and strong.
  • Apply the chalk finish right before your event. This will avoid the chalk going everywhere beforehand.
  • Add a border to each triangle to enhance the design!

Step 1: Cut Triangles

Start off by cutting the black paper into equal sized triangles using scissors. You will want to create triangles that will be large enough for your preferences. Keep in mind the letter size you would like to achieve. The idea is to have one letter per triangle. If there is more than one word and you need a space. I would estimate one blank triangle for a space.

Faux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar Banner

Step 2: Draw Your Letter

On each triangle, sketch an outline of each letter using your white pencil. To position each triangle, I inverted the triangle to include the base at the top. Using the Sharpie paint pen, go over each letter to create faux calligraphy. I made all the upstrokes thin and all the downstrokes thicker.

Faux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar BannerFaux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar Banner

Step 3: Add Chalk

Using the side of a piece of Crayola white chalk, shade chalk onto each triangle. Be sure to include the right amount of chalk. Try not to shade too many layers of chalk as you still want to ensure that the letter is showing through. Go over the faux calligraphy with another layer of the paint pen one more time. This will brighten things up.

Faux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar Banner

Step 4: String The Banner Together

Hole punch the top left and right hand corners of each triangle. Using your string of choice, loop the string through the holes ensuring to loop all your letters together. Take a step back and ensure you’ve looped all the triangles together to correctly spell your word.

Faux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar BannerFaux Chalkboard Mimosa Bar Banner


That’s it! I hope you try this idea for a faux chalkboard mimosa bar banner. The possibilities are endless for faux chalkboard banner ideas! I am also planning on creating a gifts, favours, and food banner for the bridal shower as well.

If you try this project, I would love to see what you come up with. Tag me in your creations! I am interested to see banners you create for your next special occasion.

Be sure to follow me on the blog and on Instagram (@letteringbyusha) to stay tuned to all of my lettering, crafting and personal adventures!

Do you like to create banners?


Life Updates

  • One more episode of Game of Thrones! What do you think? I feel on the fence about this season…
  • I started reading ‘Crazy Rich Asians’! I loved the movie and I am loving the book so far too!
  • The weather is still cold here. When is Spring/Summer going to arrive!?

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