Inspirational Theme of 2019 Spread Using Tombow Markers

The never before told secret on living out your dreams for 2019!

20190129_080459Hello Friends!

When the new year starts, it’s always a time for me to reflect what went well and what didn’t go so well in the past year. Its also a time for me to really think about my intentions for the new year. For the past few years, this has resulted in me picking a word or theme for the year.

Once this has been decided, I love to create a spread in my planner or journal of the theme for the year. Sometimes I like to decorate the word and create a design. Other times, I like to highlight some action items.

For this blog post, I will be showing you how I document the theme of the year chosen and how I created a theme of the year spread.


  • Blank Notebook or Planner Pages
  • Tombow Mono Drawing Pens
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Coloured Brush Pens



  • To help you live out your theme or word for 2019, frame your spread and put it in a spot where you can see it everyday.
  • Write your action items on different coloured pieces of paper, cut them out and stick them onto your page spread. This makes for different coloured paper and textures.
  • Add pictures to your spread if you are a visual person.

Step 1: Theme

Start off by lettering your theme directly in the middle of the page, using a coloured Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen. I then added a shadow to my lettering, using the gray brush pen. Using a Tombow Mono drawing pen, I wrote the words ‘Theme of 2019’ in between my lettering.


Step 2: Action Items

Using other colours from the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen collection, write down some action items that will help you live out your theme for 2019. I choose to use the brush pen to letter some action items. Then using the Tombow Mono drawing pen, write out some of the other actions items and even ideas related to the theme. I love the contrast created between the coloured and black ink.


Step 3: Borders and Details

Finally, I used the Fudenosuke brush pens to add a coloured bordered around each action item. I used a mixture of thin and thick lines to create a dimensional border. I then added star-like details around the page. Of course, you can add any other details you want such as dots, doodles or even shapes.

An easy way to create and document your special word or theme for 2019. I absolutely love to document my life and this is one of those spreads where it’s so much fun to look back on at the end of the year to see how you lived out your intentions. If you try this project, I would love to see what you come up with. Tag me in your creations! I’m curious to know what word or theme you have picked for 2019.

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Did you pick a word or theme for 2019? If so, what is it?


Life Updates

  • Going back to work in less than a week…while I figure out the transition, you may see less of an appearance of me on the blog. But I will be back in the swing of things once I figure everything out.
  • Did you see? There is going to be a spinoff for Jane The Virgin!
  • We have had really snowy and cold weather here in Ontario…It’s almost hard to venture out with a baby…

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