Four Ways to Create Frames for Pictures in Your Bullet Journal

Hi Friends! Welcome to the follow up post about creating frames for pictures. If you haven’t already, read my blog post on how I do a monthly review in my bullet journal. In that post I mentioned that I like to accompany each monthly review with a page spread on my favourite memories and moments of that month. Today’s blog post will be speaking about that process but in particular highlight four ways in which you can create frames for those pictures in your bullet journal. This is a super fun and creative process for me!

DIY Frames3

I usually start the process by scrolling through my phone and picking out 4 or 5 pictures that best represent the month, mood, emotions and moments. Once I’ve found my pictures, I use my Instax S2P printer to print my pictures. I love the look and feel of polaroid pictures! Do you?! I’ve had my printer for about a year now and I love that I can print pictures on the go. It’s such a great investment for those who love to document and record.

DIY Frames1

Once my pictures are printed I lay them out on my page spread to test out the feel and look of the layout. This is the time where I swap photos and play around with placement and angle. When I’m happy, I use the Tombow Power Mini Glue to stick my photos to the paper. What’s great about the adhesive is that there is no mess and you don’t have to worry about drying! (Bonus for the parents who have little ones to tend to!)

I used to just stick the pictures on the page and be done with it. But that became boring! So I decided to create some frames around my pictures. Here are four ways in which to create frames for your photos.

DIY Frames2

1. Using a Tombow Irojen pencil crayon, I create a shaded area around the photo. Then using the fine tip of the Tombow Twin Tone marker I added some ‘equal signs’ around the picture.

2. Start by placing a dot just outside of one of the corners of your picture. Then place another dot about 1 inch on either side of your original dot. Connect all three dots to create an ‘L’. Then on the outer edges of the ‘L’ draw a line to the center to create a triangular shape. Fill in the shape with a fun design or colour. I added lines. Do the exact same on the opposite corner. I used Tombow Twin Tone markers for this frame.

3. Using the Tombow Mono Glue Pen, create connecting swirls around the picture. Let it dry for a few seconds. After drying, take your Tombow Dual Brush Pen and highlight the area in which you created your design. The swirls should show through and be clear. You can be creative and create endless designs with the glue pen for different frames.

4. Using your Tombow Dual Brush Pen, stamp rain drops on each corner of the picture. I like to use different colours. Then with the bullet tip of the dual brush pen, connect the raindrops on each corner with the line design.

There you have it – four ways to create frames for your pictures! Tag me or let me know if you decide to create frames for your scrapbooking, planner or bullet journal needs.

Life Updates…

Baby boy will be almost 6 months soon….!

Still watching Jane the Virgin. I’m team Rafael! What team are you on?

We have one tomato growing in the garden so far…! I hope more grow soon…lol

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