Recipe Book Project with the Tombow VIP April Box

Hello Friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something on the blog. Actually, I was busy trying to create a batch of lettering pieces for my Instagram account in hopes that I can focus a little more on the blog for a bit. I hope my plan works!

Today’s blog post and project is inspired by the Tombow VIP April box. If you are unfamiliar with this product, Tombow USA puts together these fun boxes with goodies of theirs every month. This April, I decided to purchase the box as I could not resist some of the products included. While there are many videos and Instagram posts out there that cover the products that were included, this post will have a different focus.

Using some of the products of this box, I was inspired to create my own recipe card! A few months ago I decided to start a journal to document my favourite recipes (AKA my own recipe book). It doesn’t have much – yet. Of course in true Usha taste, I have to include my own personal touch when documenting these recipes. No longer does jotting down a few notes with pen and paper satisfy my inner creativity! My recipe card includes lettering, drawings, and even colour!


Here’s a look into what products I used and what I did.

  • I started the whole design by first sketching a layout with the OLNO Swift Mechanical Pencil.
  • I just love the banner that I added to the top of the recipe. It adds some interest to the eye and of course makes things fun! I also added some texture to the banner by adding some parallel lines. I coloured in the banner using the Mint Green Irojiten Coloured Pencil. I shaded it lightly in the middle and added more colour towards to the edges to make it pop.
  • I used the hard and soft Fudenosuke brush pens to letter on the recipe card.  I used the dual Fudenosuke brush pen in gray to write titles.
  • The Mono Edge highlighters are so cool! I used the bullet end of the highlighter for writing. Love how they write! Who knew highlighters could be a great writing tool.

What I love about this project is that you can customize the recipe book as a personalized gift. You could even design individual recipe cards using card stock as well! The creativity is limitless for this project idea. Plus, it’s a unique way to keep track of those old, precious family recipes!

Well there you go friends, a project idea for when you feel the creative itch! Of course, this project isn’t limited to the products found in the Tombow VIP April box. You could use any crafting materials that you have on hand. I think it would be cool to try some watercolour as well :).AprilVIP2

Happy Crafting!

Life Updates (In case you are interested…)

  1. My baby boy is going to be 4 months old this week… ahhh… where has the time gone!
  2. The weather has finally warmed up and we’ve been trying to go for walks regularly.
  3. I started watching Jane The Virgin and Dynasty. Anyone else watch?

For more life updates (and baby), watch my Instagram stories!

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