7 Illustrations to Create with a Tombow Dual Brush Pen Tip

When it comes to dual brush pens, Tombow’s are by far the most popular brand around in the community. They are the first dual brush pen I bought and they continue to be my favourite. There are many other brands of these pens on the market if you are looking to try some out.

One of the most popular uses for dual brush pens is creating brush lettering. However, during today’s blog post I’m here to show you 7 illustrations that you can create with the tip of the Tombow dual brush pen.



For all of these illustrations, you will be using the tip of the dual brush pen to create a ‘raindrop’ shape. To do this, place the tip of the pen horizontally to the paper and press down. It’s how you arrange these ‘raindrop’ shapes that creates different illustrations.

image 1


This picture does not do justice but I’m currently obsessed with Orly’s nail polish in ‘Pamper Me’!


1. Flowers

Yes, you can create beautiful flowers with the tip of the Tombow dual brush pen! To create flowers simply place the ‘raindrops’ in a circular pattern. Try creating with different colour combinations!


2. Butterflies

For a butterfly, draw its body and have four ‘raindrop’ shapes on the sides to create the wings. Add little details such as antenna and you have a friendly little butterfly.


3. Embellishments

When creating lettering, sometimes the lettering needs a little embellishment. You can create this by placing three ‘raindrop’ shapes together to create a design.


4. Hearts

Simply place two ‘raindrop’ shapes with the two skinner ends touching, to create some cute colourful hearts


5. Seeds

Use one black ‘raindrop’ to create seeds in a watermelon. You could also try drawing a strawberry and use the same concept to create seeds.


6. Leaves

Leaves could not be easier to create! Place the ‘raindrop’ shape onto the vine to create some cool botanical vibes.


7. Raindrops

This is the easiest one of all because the dual brush tip creates a ‘raindrop’ shape! Place under some clouds for a rainy scene.


There you have it! Seven simple and easy ways in which you can create illustrations with the tip of a dual brush pen.

I’d love to see your creations! Show me your creations on social media by tagging me on Instagram or by send me an email.

Until next time, I’ll be enjoying some coffee and snuggling with my boys trying to sneak in an episode or two of Scandal!



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