My Creative Journey


‘I truly believe that my gift to give to the world is my passion for creativity.’

Thanks for joining me!

Welcome to Lettering by Usha! If this is your first time here, be sure to check out the About Me page. If you’ve done so already, welcome to my first blog post!

When deciding on what my first blog post would be, I was a little unsure about what I should write about. I thought I would start by writing about my creative journey and how I got here.

How did it all start?

As a little girl, I’ve always been a creative person. Whether it was baking in my Easy Bake oven, beading, colouring or painting, my hobbies most often included creative adventures. In fact, I had a huge collection of pens while growing up! I was obsessed with pens, and still am. I’m always on the search for good pens and love testing them out (if you have a recommendation, let me know!).

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to start a beauty and lifestyle blog (that’s where my love of lipstick and nail polish come from! Right now, I’m loving the Burt’s Bee’s Peppermint lip balm and Orly Breathable nail polish in ‘Pamper Me’). I learned a lot and had an opportunity to tap into a creative side that wasn’t explored before. However, it wasn’t long until those creative juices and passion for that topic slowly disappeared, despite my overall passion for blogging. Although in retrospect, everything happens for a reason! It was here that my passion for hand lettering started.

I remember seeing an Instagram post about calligraphy and wanted to try it. So the very next day, I went to Michaels and bought a beginner calligraphy set. If you’ve tried calligraphy (the traditional calligraphy with a nib and ink, that is), you would know that it is very difficult! I got discouraged really quickly. That’s when I hopped onto the next best thing, YouTube, and discovered faux calligraphy and brush pens. Oh, brush pens! That was the first time I set eyes on them and have since fallen in love.

I then ordered a set from Tombow and started trying them out immediately (It was the ‘Bright’ set!). Except my writing didn’t look like all of the pretty posts on Instagram. That’s when I decided to invest in lettering classes. To date, I’ve completed two lettering classes with Amanda Arneill. If you’re looking to get started in hand lettering or want to take your lettering to the next level, I would highly recommend looking into her classes.

Afterwards, I opened up my own Etsy shop where I sell printable gift tags and quotes. I started it for fun and really didn’t except to sell anything within the first year, but I did get some sales! It’s a fun little opportunity where I get to create some fun pieces! I’ve also done some freelance work for customers who want customized pieces.

And that leads me here – to this blog – the next step in my creative journey! I always knew that I would return to blogging, someday. I just didn’t know that someday would be now and that my lifelong passion of creativity would be the topic. Isn’t it wonderful when things come full circle…

I love hand lettering, trying out new pens, watercolours, Tombow dual brush pens, DIYs, crafting and art tutorials. I love the feeling of anticipation and excitement as I patiently await my online purchase of the newest creative book being released in the lettering community. I could spend hours at my local Michaels looking at supplies or thinking up of what project I can embark on next (of course, with a grande Pike’s Place in hand and my baby boy in the other). I love coming up with a concept and bringing it to life. I love the feeling of fulfillment and happiness that comes after a project that you’ve worked on so hard.

That’s why I started this blog – to share my love of hand lettering and creativity with all of you and also to see how much I’ve grown as a person as a result of creativity. I want to show my little boy the value of pursing your interests and hobbies and how this can positively affect your life. I truly believe that my gift to give to the world is my passion for creativity. I would love to connect with others who have the same passion and hear how much creativity has helped them grow as a person.

So that’s that. This is what Lettering by Usha is all about. I hope you stick around and embark on this journey with me!


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